Telescopic pedestal for tables 550/780 mm

The telescopic marine pedestal for tables of 550/780 mm, is a solid instrument that serves for the support and the base that have the boards of the boat. It is designed to hold a support that is much larger than it, rectangular in shape. This model is very comfortable since it can be adjusted for three different heights and is rotatable to 360 °.

Specifications of Telescopic Pedestal for Tables 550/780 mm

  • Made of polished anodized aluminum, for the table.
  • Bottom base 215 mm in diameter.
  • Removable and rotating rectangular upper base. 780x550mm.
  • Tube of the outer column measures 120 mm
  • Light weight, high quality and with excellent resistance.

 Telescopic Pedestal Functions for Tables 550/780 mm

The nautical tables are a piece of furniture that have many uses since being part of the decoration to eat, but to place these tables is the Pedestal Telescopic Table 550/780 mm whose main purpose is to act as a support.

It is recommended for browsers to have good bases so that the tables remain static. As well as having a good support, to place objects of different weights and sizes and that can be held and to rest in them without any inconvenience. To adjust it you have to stand next to the pedestal and adjust up to the height to any of the three heights that allows or that is more comfortable for the user.

Maintenance of Telescopic Pedestal for Tables 550/780 mm

It is important to know that the anodized finish consists of creating a layer of surface aluminum oxide. By means of this finish, profiles extremely resistant to corrosion, abrasion and wear are achieved, the maintenance of this material is extremely important, so it is recommended that it be done at least once a year and should be done in the following order:

  1. Only water with low pressure
  2. Warm water and soft sponge
  3. Warm water, sponge and mild detergent
  4. Soft brushing and pressurized water
  5. Solvents with butanone base with soft cloth

In the same way it is important to check and adjust the screws every four months, or more frequently if the table that has a telescopic pedestal for tables 550/780 mm is given a very intense use. This avoids that with the movement a screw is released and one of its parts is detached, with the risk of falling objects while it is being used.

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