Chromed base flagpole flagpoles mm. 14

A boat should always have a flag that identifies it for many an obligation (government vessels) for others only a point of decoration, for this it is necessary to have a base chromed railing flagpoles mm. 14 which supports any climate.

The main feature of a chromed base railing flagpoles mm 14 is that it is fixed and stable on the railing of the boat, the height is given by the pole and the position depending on the taste or size of the boat, it is fixed on the candlestick preferably and remains fixed thanks to the pressure made by the base of it.

Any wooden shaft can be placed, but with measures of 13-14 mm wide in the lower part, it will also remain under the pressure of a nut that is screwed in only to hold. The Base chromed railing flagpoles mm 14 is recommended for all types of boats and handles key features that work with all types of boats.

The Base chromed railing flagpoles mm. 14 facilitates the use of the flag

The use of a flag or flag on a boat is to identify and give style to it, commonly hoisted on poles or masts, these are made of different materials such as iron or wood, so it is advisable to use the best base , in this sense we recommend the Base chromed railing flagpoles mm. 14.

Remember that the flag hoisted in a mandatory way when sailing on the high seas is the country where it belongs, this will identify where the ship comes from, remembering that you can not navigate waters of other countries, in case you want to move from a country to another the flag of the visited country must also be raised, this is done out of respect and courtesy.

The size of flagpole and flag should also be thought, it is necessary to be directly proportional to the size of the boat, that is why the Base chrome handrail flagpoles mm. 14 facilitates the work of the crew at all times meeting the needs of the most demanding tastes, is highly recommended and well known in the world of the sea, if you want to be remembered for your original marine accessories do not hesitate to use this magnificent chrome base.

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